Meet our People

Real people. Real stories. Find out what six of our people enjoy most about their career with McDonald’s®.

As one of Australia’s biggest employers, we are creating future leaders with world-class training, flexible hours and nationally recognised qualifications. So meet Georgia, Brad, Janice, Steph, Rohaan and Laura. Different ages, different stages – each one with a story to tell. Want to learn more about career and learning opportunities with McDonald’s? Download our prospectus here.

Meet Steph, 19

Shift Supervisor enjoying the flexible hours while majoring in Media and Law at Melbourne Uni, partly financed by her Macca's earnings.

Meet Laura, 17

McCafe Manager enjoying looking after her team in between competing in national cheerleading events.

Meet Rohaan, 21

Assistant Manager learning new things, gaining qualifications and making new friends.

Meet Janice, 67

McCafe Barista enjoying a second chance. Janice practices latte art and loves being a big part of her local community.

Meet Georgia, 23

Restaurant Manager enjoying the responsibility of running a business, while studying law and playing the odd round of golf.

Meet Brad, 28

Sustainability Manager with a passion for the environment and all things green.