Information for Parents

As a large employer of young people we know that parents or guardians of our prospective or current employees might have some additional questions about working at McDonald’s.

There is a lot to know about Macca’s. Here, we do our best to provide an overview of some of the information that you might want to know and answer some of the questions that you might have if your child works at one of our restaurants.

The FAQ page covers questions that an applicant may have about the application process so you should read the FAQ page prior to this page targeted at parents.

For parents of prospective employees

Macca’s is a great place for young people to kick off their working life.

At Macca’s, we love to have fun, but we’re not afraid of working hard at the same time. We make it a priority to train our employees not only on the physical aspects of working like taking an order or creating a burger, but also on the soft skills associated with employment like communication, team work, punctuality, prioritisation and problem solving.

Our crew also get access to some great crew perks that only Macca’s can offer.

How does the recruitment process work?

There are a number of stages involved in applying at Macca’s. The first step of applying is to submit an online application. Applicants can apply to up to 10 restaurants, each of whom will receive the application. Communication regarding the progress and outcome of the application will all occur via the metime platform – where the application is submitted. One of the stages of applying is an interview that an applicant may be invited to attend at the restaurant. You can find out more about the recruitment process here

Why have I been asked to give parental consent?

For any applicants under the age of 16 we require the consent of a parent or guardian to interview that applicant and the consent for them to be employed (if they are successful). This can be done electronically where the applicant will be asked to provide the email address of a parent or guardian for an email to be sent to the nominated address. Alternatively consent can be provided on paper by printing out and completing the form to be brought to the interview.

For QLD applicants there is an additional government document that will be required.

What happens if my child is successful?

If an applicant is successful they will be notified via email and the metime platform. The email provides instructions of what needs to occur prior to their first shift.

What happens if my child is unsuccessful?

If an applicant is unsuccessful in applying for a job they are able to re-apply at any of our restaurants at any time.

Who owns the restaurant that my child has applied for?

Some of our restaurants are owned and operated by local Licensees, whilst others are operated by McDonald’s Australia. Restaurants operated by McDonald’s Australia are referred to as McOpCo. Simply ask the recruiting manager for more information.

How much and when would my child need to work?

One of the great things about Macca’s is the flexibility that is offered to employees. Employees have the ability to set their own availabilities to work and will be rostered shifts within their availability.

As part of the application process applicants will be asked to specify their availabilities for each day of the week as well as the maximum number of shifts and hours that they would like to work. If your child attends an interview these availabilities would likely be discussed with them.

The minimum length of a shift is 3 hours.

Are Macca’s employees covered by an award or enterprise agreement?

The working conditions and wages of employees of McDonald’s Australia restaurants are set out in the McDonald’s Australia Enterprise Agreement 2013. The agreement can be accessed here

FAQ’s for parents of employees

Our restaurants

We have over 900 restaurants in Australia so there are some things that will be different from restaurant to restaurant.

Some of our restaurants are owned and operated by local Licensees, whilst others are operated by McDonald’s Australia. Restaurants operated by McDonald’s Australia are referred to as “McOpCo”.

Our people

Each of our restaurants has a management team led by the Restaurant Manager. The management team are the best people for our employees to go to if they have a question, concern or issue.

Our restaurants also have a team of Crew Trainers who train new employees on stations and coach employees on shift. As they are experienced members of our teams Crew Trainers can also be a great help if another employee has a simple question.


metime is our online learning and engagement portal for our employees. metime hosts all sorts of information including policies and procedures, upcoming events and details about new promotions.

metime is also where our online training is conducted and where employees can find information about their employment.

Employees of some restaurants will also have the ability to access their rosters on metime. If an employee forgets their metime user name or password they can use the ‘forgot my user name or password’ function to reset their password.

The metime address is or they can download the metime app and have easy access via their mobile device.

Employee details and payslips

Employees who work at a McOpCo restaurant will also be able to access the myHUB platform to view and edit their personal information such as an address or phone number, as well as to view their payslips.

Employees who work at a Licensee restaurant can view and edit their personal information such as an address or phone number on metime and will be informed about the restaurants payslip process at their orientation.


Crew are paid weekly in to their nominated bank account. Your restaurant will advise on which day of the week this will occur. In weeks with a public holiday, pay may be one day late due to the additional day off.


All Macca’s employees have access to myBENEFITS. myBENEFITS is a program offering fantastic discounts and rewards exclusively for Macca's employee's and their families. These fantastic discounts from over 300 leading retailers can be accessed by clicking on the myBENEFITS banner on the metime homepage. The offers change from time to time but include exclusive discounts to retailers including David Jones, Myer, Woolworths, JB HI-FI, Caltex and Apple.


All employees will be provided with a uniform that must be worn whilst at work. Employees may be required to pay a deposit for this uniform, however, if this is the case this deposit will be returned when the uniform is returned. All employees are expected to look after and maintain their uniform, so that they are clean and tidy when at work.

Tax File Number

Licensee employees should complete a Tax File Declaration Form and provide it to the restaurant.

McOpCo employees can do this on myHUB. Employees who do not have a Tax File Number should apply for one through the ATO.


The superannuation fund for McDonald’s Crew is REST. This is the default fund under the McDonald’s Australia Enterprise Agreement 2013.

Traineeships and future opportunities

We love nothing more than watching our employees grow.

In fact a lot of our most successful Managers started their careers as Crew members. At Macca’s, we believe in nurturing growth and development at all levels. In fact, we offer comprehensive training and development programs that make it easy to highlight strengths, and we help our employees get there – all while getting paid!

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), McDonald's is able to issue nationally recognised qualifications at different stages throughout your child’s career. Furthermore, employers Australia-wide respect the value of a McDonald's role on a resume and the skills and values an individual will have developed whilst ¬working for us.

Maccas’s offers a range of Traineeships in which employees may have the option of participating in throughout their development. Qualifications offered in the Traineeship program are a Certificate II in Retail Services (SIR20216) and Certificate III in Retail (SIR30216). Our Traineeships combine theoretical learning and practical workplace experience in a flexible learning environment. Through our Management Development Programs Macca’s also offers qualifications up to a Diploma level.

Our policies

The Welcome to Macca’s course that employees complete prior to beginning work covers the major restaurant policies and procedures which we expect all employees to comply with. Some of the important policies that we have include the Respectful Workplace Policy, the Social Media Policy and the Personal Relationships Policy.

Taking time off

Employees should discuss the process for taking time off with their restaurant’s management team, as the process varies from restaurant to restaurant. Some restaurants will require up to two weeks’ notice, as our rosters are prepared in advance.

Employees who are sick are required to notify the restaurant in advance that they are unable to work a rostered shift. From Crew, generally 2 hours’ notice is required, to allow Macca’s enough time to find a replacement employee. Employees should confirm with the restaurant if an additional notice period is required. Additionally, full-time and part-time employees may be required to provide a doctor’s certificate as reasonable evidence of their illness.